We Have Been Offering All Types of Stucco Installations: EIFS, Traditional Stucco, Renovations and Repairs in Calgary and its area.

Our services are tailored for commercial and residential construction. Regardless of the size of the project, small residential job, or enormous building task, you can trust us to deliver swift responses according to your specifications.
Conventional Stucco
Traditional Sand and Cement Stucco
Traditional stucco has been a timeless choice in construction for several compelling reasons.

First and foremost, it is remarkably cost-effective, making it a practical choice for both homeowners and general contractors.

In addition to its affordability, traditional stucco offers numerous benefits such as:

Durability: Traditional stucco is renowned for its long-lasting performance, standing up to the test of time.

Versatility: It can be applied to a wide range of architectural styles, from residential to commercial, and offers various finish textures, from textured to smooth, allowing for design flexibility.

Low Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs.

These benefits, combined with its affordability, make traditional stucco an enduring favourite in the construction industry.
Exterior Insulated Finish Systems
EIFS, or Exterior Insulated Finish Systems, represents a modern alternative to traditional stucco with its unique advantages.

Firstly, EIFS offers superior flexibility and is significantly lighter, weighing only 20% of traditional stucco. This characteristic allows it to adapt to building movement and effectively prevent cracks.

EIFS consists of multiple layers, including a moisture barrier, foam insulation, a cement basecoat, and reinforcing fiberglass mesh, which greatly enhances its durability. The system is topped with an acrylic finish, providing not only protection but also aesthetic appeal.

While both traditional stucco and EIFS can withstand cold climates, EIFS stands out in colder locations due to its exceptional energy efficiency and insulation properties. Choosing EIFS can result in noticeable energy savings, making it a preferred choice for those looking to reduce their power bills.
Stone Veneer
Exterior and Interior stone installation
Stone veneer is an exquisite enhancement that adds a touch of grandeur to both residential and commercial structures.

Much like EIFS and traditional stucco, stone veneer offers not only aesthetic appeal but also impressive durability and longevity.

This versatile siding material can be seamlessly installed on various surfaces, including plywood, drywall, or concrete, making it a versatile choice for architectural projects.

With an extensive range of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from, you have the creative freedom to blend hues, apply distinctive mortar techniques, and craft a unique look that perfectly complements your vision.
Exterior Painting
Refresh an old stucco
If your home's exterior has been finished with a stucco coating you have the option to refresh its appearance by painting.

Like other types of house siding, the color of stucco can fade over time. However, the transformation that occurs when old stucco is painted is remarkable, making it look almost new and remarkably clean.

You can place your trust in our experienced stucco painters. We have the knowledge to select the appropriate paint type, recommend the perfect color palette, and consistently deliver high-quality results that endure for years.

If you're ready to rejuvenate your home with a fresh coat of stucco paint, don't hesitate to request a free quote for exterior painting.
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Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS)
While choosing the right type of stucco for your renovation and decoration plans may seem challenging, you can always rely on our experts to assist you in finding the style, color, and texture that best suits your project.

In addition to installing new stucco, we also offer repair services. Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a repair, set up an appointment, and take advantage of our free estimates. Our staff is prepared to accommodate your needs and provide excellent service.

For those considering stucco for their home or business projects, it's essential to note that this material has a history of over 100 years. Stucco proves itself to be versatile and durable, capable of creating eye-catching exterior features that are easily maintained.

Regardless of the location (whether inside or outside) and surface elevation (flat or curved), stucco can adapt to virtually any setting. Furthermore, the material comes in a wide range of textures and colours, ensuring you'll find something that perfectly matches your taste, style, and personality.
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